Rejuvenate with 3 easy steps

If you wish rejuvenate From 10 to 15 years old, you can achieve it with three simple steps: 1. Have a active sexual life and safe, since in addition to producing pleasure, is an excellent physical activity ; 2. Laugh The laughter is a exercise very healthy and bring a balanced diet. Here we present the benefits that each of them offers you.


  • The physical activity is a very important element, so there is no room for pretexts like the lack of time
  • Balances the hormones and makes the person feel good about herself
  • It is a form of physical exercise
  • The more frequent, the better. Practice it at least once a week


  • To have sexual intercourse three times a week allows you to burn many calories; more than 500
  • It increases the oxygen supply to the cells and stimulates the activity of various organs and systems of the body
  • Balances the cholesterol good and bad
  • Decreases headaches and pains in general


  • Burning toxins
  • It reduces the pains; acts as a analgesic . Five or six minutes of laughter is enough
  • It starts 400 muscles , both facial and body
  • The laughter produces a facial massage that tenses the muscles . Thus, by increasing the oxygenation of the body, the skin receives a dose of extra oxygen that rejuvenates it


  • Stimulates the spleen, so they are removed toxins
  • It puts the diaphragm in motion and originates an internal massage that facilitates the digestion and help reduce the fatty acids and also the toxic substances
  • Laugh 100 times is equivalent to making a aerobic exercise 10 minutes


  • A good one diet it is reflected in the health of people. Hence the importance of having a good breakfast; If you eat well in the morning, you will avoid being hungry for the rest of the day. You can include yogurt, fruits and cereals
  • It also incorporates fish rich in Omega 3 (salmon and sardines) into your diet; It takes a lot of water and avoids processed products, which are sources of sodium


  • Regarding carbohydrates, fast ones digestion they inject sugar into the bloodstream and get addicted, while fruits can have a high glyceric content. Cherries, pears, plums, oranges, peaches and grapes are recommended.
  • Almonds, apples, beets, garlic, broccoli, cabbages and tomatoes are excellent for the longevity diet because of its diverse attributes.

Change of habits It can be difficult, because you already have many vices in your daily life. However, if you put on your part, this will help you avoid future ailments that the I grow old ento .

Are you willing to change your eating habits, to see yourself and feel better?

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