Do and Dont's

Maintaining healthy habits is essential to gain health, avoid illness, have energy and be at a healthy weight, but,What to eat so that you are healthy?

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the coach in food Tatiana Solana I present several alternatives so that little by little you start to replace foods with others that help you to gain health and beauty, and with this increase your well-being.


I have always thought that before removing things you have to incorporate others, so that the impact is not strong and you can really assimilate it in the short, medium and long term ".

In this sense, Solana affirms that the first habit we can create is to say yes to the breakfast :


We can start trying different things. For example, if we usually consume cereal we can bet on the fruit or vegetable in the morning and add almond milk or rice; It tastes delicious, it's fresh and with a little ice it's a perfect smoothie. "

Far from what can be believed, Tatiana says that fruit or vegetable smoothies do fill you up, due to all the nutrients, minerals and fiber they contain, so you stay satisfied longer.


Do and Dont's

According to the food coach, you should start to suppress the diet food such as sausages, it does not matter if it is breast or turkey ham, etc:


People think that the breast is delicious, but any sausage It is lethal. These are the waste of the flesh; it is the worst quality and it does not nurture you in anything ".

On the other hand, a food that should be in your diet they are the blue fish, like for example the salmon, because they are rich in Omega 3 and 6, they strengthen your memory, they are light, they improve your digestion And if you add to all of this that they are marinated with garlic, lemon, etc., they strengthen even more yourimmune system .

Another product that you should stop eating is the table salt and replace it with sea salt or organic sea, which does have the minerals that your body needs without damaging your arteries or affecting your heart.


People should know that table salt is a chemical experiment that will only harm us and cause an infinity of diseases, something that does not happen with sea salt. "


Another breast in your diet is that you flavor your dishes with garlic, ginger or turmeric, which in addition to giving a good flavor to your food, will help you to better metabolize fats and regulate your nervous and digestive system ".

For Tatiana, when you give yourself "the chance" to generate these changes, you gain energy and experience what it really is to live without inflammation and that your skin is rehydrated:


The most worrying thing is that people get used to the pain; to have your belly inflated, not hold your head, feel lazy or live with constipation; but the truth is that we can change all that through our food choices. "

And if you start to try other lactose-free products such as almond milk, tofu or soy yogurt, you will notice how you will reduce the periods of colitis Y gastritis , caused by the stress . What changes will you make? To learn more and have a new healthy option, enter site from the healthcoach   where you can buy safe products for you.

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