Reduce your cholesterol with artichoke lid

The tapas they are the emblem of Spanish gastronomy . The habit of eatingtapas It comes from very old and, today, involves much more than the simple culinary tasting.

Share some tapas with those we want, is one of the pleasures that we should not lose. So it is recommended to serve them as appetizer or entry of a good food .

Therefore, we offer you a cap recipe very healthy :


Artichokes stuffed with cream


1. Eight large artichokes 2. One egg 3. One hundred and fifty grams of mushrooms 4. One quarter of onion 5. One third of a glass of cream for cooking 6. Fifty grams of Parmesan 7. Two spoons of breadcrumbs 8. Eight slices of bread with flaxseed 9. Olive oil 10. Fifty grams of unsalted margarine 11. Pepper 12. salt



1. In a large pot, with plenty of boiling water, cook the artichokes whole for 10 minutes. Change the hot water for clean and salty, and continue cooking until soft.

2. Wash the mushroom s, remove the most earthy end of the foot and chop very finite.

3. In a pan, put one nut of margarine and a little oil, and fry it onion .

4. Add the mushrooms to the sofrito and to let cook until the liquid has reduced enough.

5. Remove from the heat, add the bread crumbs, the liquid cream and the beaten egg, mix well and season with salt and pepper.

6. Drain well artichokes , cut the base well so that they stay standing, and, with scissors, cut the ends and the outermost leaves well. Place them and pour the preparation on them, as a filling.

7. Grate the cheese on the artichokes and place a margarine ball on each of them. Gratin 10 minutes in the oven.

8. Extend a bit of margarine on each slice of bread and brown in the oven. Place the slices in a dish and, on each of them, a artichoke . Finally, serve.

The artichokes They're a vegetable typically mediterranean . Among its medicinal properties: it protects the liver and favors the biliary functions , reduces the cholesterol decreases blood pressure , prevents from the diabetes And it is diuretic .

Therefore, this cover, besides being healthy, simple to prepare and delicious, is a good option to include it in your diet.

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