6 keys vs fluid retention

There are several causes that can cause a person to start having fluid retention problems, which results in discomfort as belly swelling already gain weight for not eliminating said liquids, among others.

Therefore, it is important to know that there are some measures you can take to prevent it, or in case of suffering, to alleviate it. For this, in GetQoralHealth we present some foods and habits to achieve it, according to alimentacion-sana.org:

1. Avoid sleeping on your stomach. It systematically hinders the correct circulation of body fluids.

2. Do not wear tight clothing. This type of garments prevents the good circulation of liquids and toxins from the body, which can cause edema. Therefore, this type of clothing should be avoided, especially in the area of ​​the hip and groin.

3. Medications. There are certain commonly used medications, such as some anti inflammatory , that favor the retention of liquids. Check with your doctor if you think it is your case.

4. Draining massages. This professional technique facilitates the elimination of fluid stagnation in our body. In addition, you can enhance its effect at home with specific creams.

5. Vegetables and fruits . Regularly include green salads in your diet since they provide water, fiber Y vitamins that promote the elimination of liquids. In addition to seaweed, artichokes, asparagus, papaya and watermelon.

6. Proteins. It consumes white meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit ...) that provides a necessary protein that helps the liver to eliminate liquids.

In addition to these keys, it is necessary to reduce in your diet the consumption of red meat and especially salt, as well as physical activity on a regular basis for a correct functioning of your body to eliminate toxins.