Odontogeriatría to the care of the oral health

Regularly a patient odontogeriatric requires the replacement of Dental pieces , since its general physical state is associated with degenerative processes and chronic diseases.

In the odontogeriatrics , branch of dentistry that is dedicated to oral health of older adults, the main conditions that are treated are the gingivitis , cavities , parodontitis (migration of dental pieces of the gums), loss of parts, mobility and functional wear.

The Federal Government of Mexico, through the National Institute for Older Persons (INAPAM), has a group of odontogeriatras who are in Comprehensive Care Centers and receive an average of 120 elderly patients with oral diseases, often related to age or degenerative diseases such as diabetes mellitus or poor diet and incorrect habits of oral hygiene.

As life expectancy increases, older adults do not have the care for the conservation of their dental pieces, so the attention of a odontogeriatra in coordination with the general practitioner , the gerontologist and a psychologist that can teach the patient to assimilate the situation that keeps his oral health status, since many times it generates an impact that further deteriorates his health.

In the opinion of dentists, the geriatric patient regularly presents a combination of normal changes related to age , with their chronic illnesses and by the medicines used for their control, to this can be added other psychological, economic and social problems.

Facilities offered by INAPAM

Aware that the mouth ages at the same time as the rest of the body and acquires a series of characteristics that make it different, INAPAM offers proper treatments that go from the extraction of dental pieces , resin placement , amalgams , plate control Y brushing technique , with the objective of strengthening and improving the living conditions of older adults.

If patients require specialized treatments, they are channeled to other instances with the possibility of obtaining discounts and affordable prices when presenting your INAPAM Card.

You can to prevent this type of suffering by having a good nutrition from early life and properly attend the main mouth conditions .

To obtain more information about the services of odontogeriatria offered by INAPAM, you can contact the Comprehensive Care Centers located at Avenida Universidad 150, Colonia Narvarte; Donceles 43, Colonia Centro and Dr. Federico Gómez Santos 7. Colonia Doctores, or consult the page www.inapam.gob.mx

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