Spinning and some of its health benefits

Spinning or Indoor Cycling, among the best-known variants of this discipline, is the intense activity in fixed bicycles in which they simulate climbs, descents and jumps by routes and mountains, it is like an expedition without having to go out in the open air under the direction of a teacher.

This type of gymnastics It is ideal for runners Y cyclists that in this way they can train with the same intensity throughout the year, independently of the climatic factors. However, although the work is group, each can regulate the intensity and the speed , which allows people to practice at the same time very trained and others not so much.

Among the benefits can be listed:


  • Tones and strengthens the legs
  • Aerobic and anaerobic conditioning
  • Intense work that helps burn fat
  • Improve the circulation blood
  • On the bike you can also work arms and the trunk , but it is recommended to complete the exercise with upper trunk jobs in appliances
  • Increase the physical resistance
  • The group classes in devices make the exercise routine more entertaining and favor the integration of the participants

Spinning against stress

When people come to gyms they do it looking for different things, some just want to improve their figure while others want to lower their stress levels. So that the training As a result, it is best to start adopting a healthy lifestyle, leaving bad habits aside. One of the best ways to achieve this is spinning. The exercise revolves around a stationary bike , but unlike others it allows you to stop, go faster or move to the rhythm of the music . The training lasts 40 minutes, with three grip positions and five movements. One can stop or sit, there is no competition and it is practiced under the tutelage of an instructor. In the same class you can mix people of different ages, sexes and fitness levels. This allows everyone to regulate the intensity of their pedaling.

This exercise is not just a technique but a philosophy. Your Creator Johnny G . advises not to see exercise as a tedious job, but as a Lifestyle . What is intended is that people become stronger and healthier, that they come into contact with themselves, feeling their bodies and that everyone finds their way respecting their physical state . The instructor is important in spinning, not just to correct the technique and help burn more calories , but should also help people gain confidence not only during the class but for their entire lives.

Burning calories with spinning

When you practice spinning you burn around 500 calories in just 40 minutes. Obviously you can burn many more or less depending on the exercises to be performed. But approximately with a class of this fun exercise, we will be burning close to 550 calories in a normal rhythm.

Spinning is also widely used by people who want to lose weight, although the heart rate must be widely checked , since their fat patterns can affect the cardiovascular system, with a regulated feeding and a good spinning guide by a certified instructor we will be doing a healthy exercise, which will strengthen our muscles and at the same time can lose those extra pounds.

Source: Directoty M