What kind of mother are you?

"The children are borrowed," says a famous saying, but how do you understand as a mother that they should have their independence without being careless or overprotective?

Nobody says that loving your own cherub is a crime, the issue is that sometimes they get certain manifestations of love are cataloged or pyrotechnical, festive, sweet or a little exaggerated.


What kind of mother are you?

Do not stay with the doubt, answer the following questionnaire and find out. What are you waiting for!

1. Your teenage princess takes ballet classes in the afternoon, you:

to) You set yourself up at school to enjoy watching it. In addition, you participate in the choice of costumes, you think about everything.

b) Sometimes you go to their classes to take hundreds of pictures that you share with your friends and family.

c) You are aware of all of your daughter's progress, but you let her enjoy her space ...

2. Your little boy is one semester away from entering the university, so it does not take too long or lazy:

to) You accompany him to all the informative talks and tours of schools so that both enjoy this change of stage.

b) As a British guard, no one will remove you from the front door while he takes his exam to enter.

c) You accept that he shares with you only what he asks of you, so much of the process he does without you.

3. To imagine the deep love you have for him, it is enough to know that:

to) He left the nickname of 'Cabito' among his friends, because Carlos is a very strong name for that little face of seraphim.

b) There are times when it escapes you in front of your friends to tell you by its nickname, although you try hard so that it does not happen again.

c) When you are alone, you not only say so, also 'heaven' and 'mijito'.

4. You found them! That sporty shirt, with which you can go your baby and you to run the next race, what do you do?

to) Shopping, that of being dressed the same is the best thing that can happen to you.

b) Go the same? Never, she red and you blue.

c) You buy nothing more from her because you think she may be uncomfortable with uniforms.

5. There is a non-working day in the calendar, the next weekend will be long, so:

to) Plan all activities to do, until they can share 3 days together!

b) you suggest a long list of things to do waiting for your scion accept half.

c) Ask your child if he has plans, in the end you know that he is practically an adult and they will have to organize themselves to share time together.

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