Characteristics of the true alpha male

No matter in what area you are (family, work or society), being a leader is not easy, to be so you have to prepare yourself in all aspects, mainly in the case of men. The first challenge is to tear down the myths surrounding this theme and discover how to be a true alpha male .

An article published in Greater Good, from the University of California, Berkeley , reveals that beyond the intimidation , the authoritarianism and the aggression , a Alfa male must give priority to the goodness and to altruism .


Characteristics of the true alpha male

Scott Barry Kaufman, scientist at the Center for Positive Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, explains that some people think that power and respect are gained through physical force, intimidation and domination; however, this is the farthest thing from reality.

So, how to be a true alpha male ? According to various studies, these are the main characteristics

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