New Year New Life

One of the main purposes for this new year, after losing weight and exercising, should be to learn to forgive and forget all the offenses, misunderstandings, hurts and emotional damages we experienced in the past.

Gerald G. Jampolsky , author of the book "The forgiveness" , from Editorial Aguilar, explains that: "It is difficult to learn to forgive when we attend to the advice of the ego; He tells us that we act well by punishing the person who has hurt us and by not showing our love ... ".


New Year New Life

As much as we resist this, it is worth forgiving and forgetting. In this sense, the author explains that when we avoid healing the wounds we have, we suffer and lose the tranquility. Also, list some reasons why we are not willing to relieve the pain and start a new stage:

1. They will hurt us again
2. It means that we are weak
3. We give the reason to who hurts us
4. We give something that does not deserve
5. We avoid whoever harmed us, the suffering of guilt
6. We minimize your bad behavior
7. It is a renunciation of revenge.

No one can decide if these reasons are valid or not; However, it is the task of each one to reflect on the responsibility we have in each experience, to free ourselves from the heavy emotional burden of anger or hatred.


Where to start?

Gerald G. Jampolsky He explains that the key word is will, that is, we must wish to move forward in the process of forgiveness and forgetting. Recommend writing a letter to the person we want to forgive in which we expose everything we feel: we must be honest and externalize all our emotions, and then destroy it to forget.

Likewise, he advises not to feed spiteful thoughts, nor to distribute faults that justify our resentment. "Remember that the purpose of forgiving and forgetting is not to change the other person, but to change your conflicting and negative thoughts."

Take advantage of the beginning of the year to release those misconceptions that keep us hooked in situations worth overcoming. It is important to forgive and forget to finally turn the page and feel lighter conscience."The principle of being patient is to start with oneself."

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