Movements to improve

Perform exercise while undergoing a treatment of chemotherapy helps women who suffer breast cancer to experience less secondary physical effects, according to a new study.

The researchers of Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) indicate that another benefit is that it is often less necessary to adjust the dose of chemotherapy for these patients.


In the past, patients receiving chemotherapy were advised to take things slowly, but in reality it is better to be as active as possible. Even low-intensity exercise has a positive effect, "says Neil Aaronson, study author and NKI professor.


Movements to improve

For their study, Aaronson and his team randomly divided participants with breast cancer in three groups. The first one followed a program of exercise aerobic and moderately intensive strength under the supervision of a trained physiotherapist.

For its part, the second group carried out a program of exercise low intensity aerobic with the care of a professional nurse. And the third one did not do any physical activity.

The results of the study reveal that all women who followed an exercise program experienced less fatigue , loss of physical condition, nausea and pain during your treatment chemotherapy . Although the effect was more pronounced among the participants of the first group.


The women who followed the moderately intensive supervised program tolerates chemotherapy better, but this does not necessarily mean that the result of their treatment is more positive, "says Aaronson.


Support after breast surgery

On the other hand, American Cancer Society indicates that it is important that women who suffer from breast cancer and they have undergone some surgery to support their treatment perform exercise , because with this they manage to have again adequate movement in the arms and shoulders.


If there is radiation therapy after surgery, the exercises are even more important to preserve the flexibility of the arms and shoulders. Even if the patient did not undergo surgery, radiotherapy can affect the movement long after the treatment ends, "he says.

exist exercises that should not be done until the stitches or drainage tubes have been removed, and others that can be implemented shortly after surgery under the recommendation of a specialist.

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