Brooke Mueller claims clinic

The American actress Brooke Mueller , former wife of the actor Charlie Sheen He sued a clinic that he trusted for treatment. In accordance with TMZ Mueller says the clinic sold confidential information to the media.

According to information published on the newspaper's website Excelsior , the Brooke dispute is against the rehabilitation center The Canyon , in Malibu, where it is said that he entered secretly in February 2010, following an incident of domestic violence with Sheen.

After her admission, it was reported in the media that Brooke was there to treat her addiction to substances and she thinks it was the clinic staff that leaked the information. The TMZ portal even claims that it received documents of Brooke's income, as well as details of the problems for which he was seeking help.

According to Mueller, the motivation to disseminate his data was only to obtain money and now he is claiming damages, because he assures that his privacy was violated. A few months ago, Brooke traveled to Mexico to receive a treatment against addictions , but Charlie Sheen took her back to the United States because she was afraid for her life.

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