What is the psychology of your style?

Three seconds are enough for people to observe your personal image, make a judgment or form an idea about you. This was indicated Carlos Sotomayor, Director of the Fashion Design Career at UNICO, at a conference given at the Autonomous University of Guadalajara.

In addition to being a factor that intervenes to achieve goals and establish relationships, the image is a psychological projection of identity or personality that we want to show others because of it, there are different styles.

GetQoralHealth and the psychologist, Sara Dulché , they present you with this video where they explain how many styles exist and what each of you says:

The personal image is composed of two factors: movements and clothing; together they make a style. Example, delicate gestures, clear clothes and soft makeup generates in others an aspect of sweetness, this is a romantic trend.

However, and beyond tastes, fashion or trend, there are rules that are basic before choosing your style and that will always allow you to look good:

1. Have an impeccable personal cleanliness.

2. When greeting and talking with another person, always try to maintain eye contact.

3. Analyze your figure. Mainly in the case of women, observe the proportion of your forms and choose clothes that highlight your qualities.

4. You must know yourself from beginning to end, define who you are and, consequently, your style will always be right for you.

Beauty and what you project always start from a single point: your inner being. Take care and protect yourself, but above all, learn to love yourself.

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