Keep it to bay ...

Chronic fatigue and pelvic pain are some of the symptoms, not very related, but part of one of the most frequent illnesses of the Mexican population: the colitis. And it is among the main diseases that people go to for medical consultation.

The colitis is a gastrointestinal, chronic and recurrent disorder that consists of inflammation of the colon and of the large intestine, and it is a disease that affects the quality of life of people, since pain and discomfort prevents them from enjoying not only the foods but of the pleasant moments.


Keep it to bay ...

A study conducted by the University of Illinois notes that you can reduce the symptoms of colitis if it is done exercise, in the intensity that the person wants. Because if a specific intensity is established, the discomforts seem to increase.

Colitis is a disease that affects the intestinal tract, which is why exercise is beneficial. In the case of strength helps to strengthen the muscles which can reduce the discomforts of colitis. That's why we offer you 4 strength training sessions.

1. Race Running on terrain of ascents and descents or with steps contributes to increase the strength in a substantial way. The race circuits that include stations to do pull-ups or sit-ups help to improve strength.

2. Go up and down steps . Use a step of 15 to 20 cm. raise the right foot and then the left. Lower the right foot and then the left. Go up and down successively alternating.

3. Hip extension. Lying on your stomach with your abdomen on the floor, lift one leg as high as you can and hold 15 seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

4. Cycling. With mountain biking, the paths that often force you to stand on the pedals contribute to developing both the strength of the arms and upper body. body like that of the legs

Perform exercises of strength not only helps you reduce the symptoms of colitis but also to improve your posture and even your mood. Then, try it!

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