How to lose weight in January

As of the first of January, it initiates, in most of the women, a very great remorse for having eaten in excess during the December's holidays . For this reason, they often want lose weight in a quick way, but this is not the solution.

A few days later, some women usually start a fast diet and they only eat breakfast fruit . However, this decompensation causes the serotonin (neuron that regulates appetite through satiety), so your anxiety about eating tells you that diets do not work.

Then, he decides to look for a miraculous pill I can do it lose weight in a very fast way. After 10 days you have tried all the medicines to lose weight and use the liposuction , the mesotherapy and reductive massages. After 20 days you know that neither diets, nor weight loss medicines, nor liposuction work, so you decide not to look in the mirror anymore.

What is the only thing necessary to lose weight?

It is admirable that some people have to stop having health as a priority to dedicate themselves to other tasks, such as work, studies or family. In those moments it is better not to change your lifestyle. The best day, to start with the changes that I recommend, can be in a month or a year.

Not having health as a priority, it is preferable to improve the lifestyle later. Starting next week at GetQoralHealth I will post the most important tips to lose weight fast. Instead of doing subsistence allowance You can follow them when you have your health as a priority. Count on me. It is a pleasure to be your doctor. For more information visit:

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