What does the surgery consist of

Who has not longed to have those dimples in the face They look so nice, now it is possible thanks to the dimeplasty, a surgery by means of which it is possible to create them. But, as in all Cosmetic surgeries , also has health risks.


What does the surgery consist of

First of all, we must know that it is not a surgery that has a permanent effect; it only lasts about three months. According to data from Long Island College Hospital.

A small incision should be made in the cheeks to create a depression and to give the appearance of a slight sinking. The cut is made from the outside to the inside so it goes through all the Layers of skin .


The problem

Recently, through leaflets, they have made known how to practice this procedure, which encourages young women to undergo this surgery without supervision. This could complicate and leave sequels for life.


EYE! He is in a relatively new surgery, reason why the experts assure that the consequences are not known that could bring to the esthetic one or to the health.

In hospitals, requests for this surgery have increased by 11%, of which a large percentage are men.

Note that these peculiar 'dimples' in the face occur naturally when a woman smiles, and if you submit to this dimple surgery on the face , you will have them permanently for a few months.


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