Avoid unnecessary worries!

Avoid unnecessary worries!

The alopecia It is a problem that affects around 50% of men in Mexico. Despite being a progressive disease, it is possible to delay it with different specialized treatments, according to specialists from the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS)

It is normal that alopecia Androgenetic is present between 18 and 40 years, by various factors, mainly by the hereditary. However, there are many myths about hair loss that can worry more than one person for no reason.

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Avoid unnecessary worries!

1. Baldness is inherited by the mother . According to the dermatologist Gary Hitzig, author of "Help and Hope for Hair Loss" , this myth is not completely true. The hereditary factor is a bit more dominant on the woman's side, but research suggests that men who have a bald father are more likely to develop baldness .

2. Wearing a hat causes hair loss . If you like to use caps, hats or other hair accessory you can continue doing it without problem. Just try to keep them clean to prevent the development of infections on the scalp.

3. Excess sun promotes baldness . The doctor Alan Bauman of Bauman Medical Group in Florida explains that ultraviolet (UV) radiation does not interrupt the function of the hair follicle. However, when you expose yourself to the sun in a prolonged way you should use a product that avoids the weakening of the hair fibers and generate opacity and static.

4. Gels and spray cause hair loss . It is not real, however you must have a good hygiene after use, to eliminate any residue that weakens the hair, according to the UKHealthCentre .

5. Frequent ejaculation promotes baldness . There is no study to prove this relationship, so enjoy intimate encounters with your partner.

6. Washing with cold water protects your hair. It is not real that washing your head with cold water will slow down the baldness , the only thing you will do is activate the blood circulation of your body.

7. Continuous brushing reduces baldness . This is false, only activate the blood circulation and run the risk of causing injuries and favoring the Hair loss .

8. Cutting hair prevents its fall . You may feel your hair thicker when you cut it, because that's the way it is at the base; However, this does not help to prevent baldness .

9. Excess washing weakens hair . Maintaining the habit of washing your hair every day will not endanger you, on the contrary, it will be clean and careful.

10. Wigs and hairpieces cause hair loss . They do not represent any danger, because the hair gets its oxygen from the blood that is in the scalp.

Remember that it is normal to fall around 100 hairs a day, which grow back after a while. In addition, it is important that you control stress, as it can weaken the hair, as well as eating a diet rich in iron. And you, how do you take care of your hair?

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