5 tips to take care of your long hair

5 tips to take care of your long hair

Long hair definitely makes women look beautiful and sexy; however, it requires certain care to keep it healthy.

According to information from HealthBeauty.com , the hair grows one centimeter every month, but this rhythm can change according to the lifestyle of each woman. To have beautiful hair, GetQoralHealth suggests these tips

1. Wash your hair with caution: It requires a deep cleaning with a shampoo suitable for your hair type. This will make the hair soft and silky. To wash it, make a massage with the tips of the fingers. Start from the root to the tips.

2. Do not abuse the stylists: The ideal is to take it natural, but if you can not live without the comb or spray cream, use them with measure and in small quantity. It is best to use the equivalent of the size of a walnut to avoid dryness.

3. Beware of the dryer: It is best to use ion dryers, as this technology damages less the hair . It is also important to be careful with the temperature; Very hot opens the tips and dries it.

4. Do not rub it: To dry it, wrap the tips of the hair with the towel and squeeze to absorb the water. Repeat the operation until it reaches the scalp. Avoid leaving the towel for a long time in the hair.

5. Apply masks: To keep hydrated your hair Apply a mask once a week or every two weeks apply a treatment cream, especially if it is exposed to chemical processes or stylists.

To have beautiful hair you also need to have a style of Healthy life and avoid consumption of tobacco Y alcohol , since they are substances that weaken the root and cause the fall. Beware!

Video Medicine: 10 Simple Tips That Will Make Your Hair Grow Faster (February 2020).

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