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Gray hair is associated with aging, after a certain age people begin to notice that they are randomly appearing white or silver hair.

It is more common to see silvery manes in people of very advanced age than in young people, and that is when most of us panic when noticing the appearance of these.

The graying occurs when the activity of the melanocytes stops, which are the ones that give the color to our hair.

When these stop producing melanin our hair becomes gray until we reach the target, although there are people who do not completely cover their hair gray.

Some people are concerned about the appearance of gray hair at an early age. And the truth is that the body for some reason stops producing melanin and whitish hair will appear; However, although some causes are natural, others may be due to a health problem.

The longer a person is, the less amount of pigment generated, but the young?


From 20

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