A winning combination

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A hair of envy ...

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5 tips against folliculitis

Folliculitis is a skin problem that arises when the hairs can not penetrate the thin layer of the epidermis. These grow below the skin, causing inflammation and, in many cases, infection. Read More

5 tips vs frizz on hair

Is it hard for you to arrange your hair for frizz? Do not worry, there are some home remedies that you can put into practice to avoid the annoying static and you can wear a healthy and combed hair. But before, explains the reasons why your hair is electrified. Read More

Avoid damage to your health

Various investigations detail the damages caused by the use of hair dye. How dangerous is hair dye? Know the damages from the use of hair dye and avoid health problems. Bladder cancer from the use of hair dye? Find out if it is true or false. Read More

5 celebrities reveal their beauty secrets

It is curious that many of the most beautiful women in the world, who offer their faces to champion the virtues of the most expensive creams and cosmetics in the market, use natural products to enrich their beauty. In daily life they go to the refrigerator or the fruit basket to prepare a mask or a hair treatment. They all agree that to stay healthy and beautiful, food is essential, as well as daily exercise through simple routines, walking or yoga. Know the beauty secrets of some of them: 1. Claudia Schiffer. The German model has its own tricks to wear a radiant hair, with shine and enhance the natural blonde. He bathes him in beer once a we Read More

Products that damage the hair

Know what type of hair products damage your hair. Due to its high content of chemicals, some hair products can damage your hair. Dyes, shampoos and conditioners are some hair products that can damage your hair by its chemicals. Read More

Show off your mane

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5 tips for before dyeing your hair

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5 tips to shine your hair

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5 tips to choose a good shampoo

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5 tips to prevent hair loss

There are multiple causes that cause hair loss. For example, having a diet devoid of essential nutrients, thyroid problems, infections, stress and excess chemicals in the hair, such as dyes, straightening, artificial curls, etc. Read More

5 tips to protect your hair in winter

During the winter season, our hair suffers from the ravages of cold, rain or frost. Many times, due to temperature changes, our hair is wet or static, and it is almost impossible to keep it combed. Therefore, here we give you five simple tips to protect it. Keep your hair impeccable! Read More

5 tips to recover hair beauty

Hair is a fundamental factor of beauty, so it is very important to take care of it and keep it soft, silky, shiny and manageable; However, there are several agents that mistreat him, causing him to look dry, mistreated and opaque. Read More

5 tips for a perfect fit

Did you get tired of seeing yourself equal to the mirror? There are some techniques that allow you to temporarily change the image, such as the image; however, you must be careful when doing it to avoid damage to your hair. Read More