Fungal nail infection occurs at any age

The mushrooms in the nails of the feet and / or hands (Onychomycosis ), affects 15% of adolescents and young people; 30% of adults and 50% of older adults, of all patients who come to a dermatological consultation, revealed Monica Ivette Rivera , head of the Psoriasis Clinic of the La Raza Medical Center.

The Onychomycosis It is a contagious infectious disease of the nails caused by the presence of various fungi. According to the expert, humid and hot environments, such as swimming pools and gymnastic showers, are the environments in which there is a greater risk of acquiring this type of infection .

The information published in the newspaper Reform , points out that another element that promotes the development of mushrooms in the toenails, it is due to the prolonged use of synthetic and closed shoes, especially those that are used for sports:

"When the nail is already infected by the fungus, it begins to lose brightness, becomes opaque and whitish, yellowish, brown or black, at the same time it becomes brittle and tends to fall apart."

The treatment for this infection It lasts on average 15 to 20 days, but if it is a complicated case, it could reach up to 3 months. The head of the Psoriasis Clinic, recommends "avoid sharing towels, shoes, socks, scissors, cut nails; to avoid infections. "