Farxiga, new medicine against diabetes

A new tool in the fight against one of the main scourges of global health, diabetes , comes from the hand of Bristol Myers Squibb Y AstraZeneca , and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) from United States.

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It's about the medicine Farxiga , which has just been approved by the North American health authorities. The drug uses a new method to reduce the level of blood glucose .

Farxiga It is presented as a tablet, ingested once a day, and helps patients to eliminate excess blood glucose through the urine. The method of glucose elimination differs from the ones existing until now, in that these others are aimed at reducing sugars in foods that are subsequently stored in the food. liver .

The drug is part of a new class and generation of drugs known as drugs of the type SGLT2 , who use urine as a way to eliminate the Blood glucose . It is the case of the drug Invokana , of Johnson & Johnson , recently approved by the FDA .

The new product has been authorized, in a first "green light", for patients with type 2 diabetes . People affected with this variant type of the disease do not have the capacity to synthesize carbohydrates, either because their organisms do not produce enough insulin or because they have resistance to the hormone that controls the level of blood glucose .

Farxiga It can be used alone or in combination with other substances for the treatment of diabetes , such as insulin and metformin. This is because diabetics often require several medications with different mechanisms of action, to control their level of blood glucose .

As part of the protocol, the manufacturing companies, Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. from New York, and AstraZeneca PLC of London, presented to the FDA the list of most common side effects, which include infections of the urinary tract and fungi.

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