Exercises to improve your balance

Stability and Balance they are important factors of health that are rarely given due attention. Usually, people care about their figure, their heart, their skin , but never for his Balance .

There are many causes that influence to lose the Balance . The main one is the progressive reduction of the three main sensors that make it possible: the view , the nerves recipients of the sole that they send to the brain information related to the position, and the small hairs of the inner ear that they send, also to the brain , information related to the force of gravity and movement.

Therefore, it is important to keep the body in perfect balance, since the loss of Balance can be very disabling for anyone and in deriving in ailments how the Vertigo . To care for and improve your Balance performs the following exercises what GetQoralHealth recommends you

1. Walk backwards or sideways on a smooth place. When walking sideways, move one leg laterally, support it on the ground and then bring the other one closer. Repeat 10 times on each side.

2. Walk on the heels and the tips of the feet on the same line.

3. Place one foot in front of the other and walk with the heel first and then the tip of the foot. Do it with your back straight and the abdomen contracted

4. Get up from a chair without the help of your hands and arms, cross your arms in front and keep your back straight. Do 10 repetitions.

5. Stand on one foot and try to maintain the position. Extend the arms to improve balance. Repeat with the other foot.

Keep your condition in perfect condition Balance with this simple routine but, if you have had problems, consult your doctor to rule out any other type of ailments and start the appropriate treatment for you.

Video Medicine: Improve Your Balance in 5 Minutes (May 2024).