When we take a medicine , we usually look at your date of expiration . However, there are other data from the box that you should check, take note.



Circles Indicate if the medicine is sold with or without a prescription and if it can be ordinary or it must be special.

Asterisk. It means that it must be kept refrigerated.

Hourglass. Expiration less than 5 years.

Triangle with car. Its consumption can reduce the ability to drive.

Yellow triangle with black interior figure. It has radioactive material.

Red square with fire. Flammable medicinal gas.

Yellow triangle. Active substance or newly authorized medication.




TLD : Long-term treatment.

H : Hospital use.

ECM . Special medical control.

EFG . Generic pharmaceutical equivalent.

DH . Of prescription by certain specialists.




- Name of the medicine or active substance

- Mandatory warnings

- Name of the medicine in Braille

- Unique identification number of the medicine

Master the codes marked on the labels of medicines is vital for you to take them correctly and know how to keep them so that their effect is not lost. Do not self-medicate.


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