Do not take risks!

Why detoxify the intestine? If you constantly feel tired, with inflammation and have problems discarding what your body does not need, it's time to think about cleaning up your intestine so that it is free of toxins and helps you burn fat.

In the following video of Tips to lose weight, Deya Cano presents you with a recipe to clean the intestine and burn the fat in a fast and natural way.


Do not take risks!

According to the Spanish Foundation of the Digestive System (FEAD), the large intestine is responsible for completing the process of digestion, that is, is responsible for fermenting waste to obtain more nutrients necessary for your body.

However, some toxins that are left inside can cause some damage to health, such as constipation or colon cancer. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your intestine healthy.

Video Medicine: Don't Take This Risk (December 2023).