Free yourself from stress!

Four out of every 10 Mexicans suffer work stress , responsible for the development of heart disease and obesity and guilty of low productivity at work; however, you can reverse this situation, if you just channel the tension into something positive.

Mayo Clinic specialists they detail that the Stress is a normal reaction of the body when he feels that some danger is approaching. In low doses it is healthy, because it helps you to be more creative and productive, but how to turn stress into something positive?


Free yourself from stress!

1. Be honest with yourself

In a article published in Harvard It is detailed that you listen to what your body tells you, discover the causes of stress . In this internal dialogue, try to change your negative thoughts for positive and motivational ones.

2. Check it in time

If you think that any situation of the day will generate stress on your body , check it on time, that is, focus all your energy on solving the problem before it arises. In this way you will have a better mental clarity.

3. Accept challenges as opportunities

In this way you can convert negative stress into positive. Accept challenges to stimulate your productivity, improve decision making and your ability to respond to the unknown.

4. Focus on what you can control

If you are sorry for all the things you can not change, you will feel stressed all the time. Make a list with everything that you can change and what is not within your reach.

Choose solutions for everything you can do and leave what is "impossible" at the end, so you reduce the stress and you advance in your objectives.

5. Ask a coach for help

If you can not controlling stress for yourself, you need to go with a wellness professional. If you feel accompanied in this feeling, you will surely find the positive way to overcome it.

Another way to eliminate stress is to change your environment, that is, place images or things that inspire you, relax you and make you feel motivated.

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