Diseases do not know about age, gender, social classes or fame.

Here we let you know the celebrities who have various diseases.



Since 2008 he suffers from Lyme's desease , bacterial infection that spreads through the bite of several types of ticks and can cause skin rashes, fatigue, joint pain or inflammation and facial paralysis.

The singer announced on their social networks that the disease is back.

Health is paramount and being on it is very important. We always have to deal immediately with the first symptoms of discomfort without letting a single day go by. A disease such as #Lyme requires a lot of attention, since at any moment it can be triggered by external circumstances such as stress, food, exercise or also by a high level of mental stress. "

Video Medicine: Thalía, Natti Natasha - No Me Acuerdo (Video Oficial) (December 2022).