Enjoy the dates with your in-laws ...

What happens when Christmas, a time of peace and joy, turns into true chaos? Not far from any reality saturated by obligations, to be well, commitments, agreements and negotiations.

The expected Christmas Eve arrives at the house of the mother in law . See the whole political family, the commitment to make gifts and the forced hug wishing Merry Christmas! The ornaments sprout everywhere, a simple perfection. An elegant table that runs throughout the dining room. Who will I sit with and who will I talk to? What do I do if I do not like the food? Every minute is an eternity ...

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The main discord of Christmas Eve falls on the couple. Your own frustration of not being able or not wanting to get along with your political family, your tension of not being accepted, your anger to see this holiday as an obligation is transmitted and displaced to your boyfriend or husband.


Enjoy the dates with your in-laws ...

To not put your relationship with your boy to the test and to be in harmony with him during these festivities, we leave you some tips in case to survive Christmas with your family politics:

1. Agreements every Year. In whose house do you play this year? It is very important to have an open and trustful dialogue. The disagreements are triggers of growth. So with an assertive negotiation, talking to your partner each year about where they will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas will avoid last minute surprises. It is widely recommended that there is equity.

2. Ally with your partner. What better support than your boyfriend or husband. Show him that for you the most important thing is that they are well and that they are a team. Both listen, give in, respect and make decisions together. This will give you a lot of security during these festivities in front of your political family. Make them perceive them strong and united.

3. Respect. The turkey cooks differently in my grandmother's house! Because so much show with the gifts! It shocks me to have to give a Christmas speech! Avoid criticism because it is finally your family. Respect will promote that he also accepts your family nucleus. Surely in the coexistence in your space, you will find many different things to what you are used to.

Probably your political family will have many different customs to yours, which many times you will not like. You must be willing to make an effort and respect your lifestyle, do not try to understand it, just respect it.

4. Surprise your mother-in-law. It never hurts to have any attention with the mother in law . Surprise her with one detail: go for a snack, dessert or something that goes with the party. Having this type of detail will give rise to a good reception and gratitude on your part.

5. Help in what you can. Even if your mother-in-law and sisters-in-law like to have 100% control over dinner, it does not hurt to ask them: "How can I help?" With this simple phrase you will demonstrate your willingness and interest in integrating your family.

6. Avoid making differences. It is very common that you always have a father-in-law, brother-in-law, or political cousin who likes you better than the rest. Just as there will be one who does not fall for you at all. If the family custom is to bring gifts as a symbol of gratitude and love, it is your opportunity to take advantage. Golden Rule: Do not make a difference! Try that the gifts are similar in price and size. Do not show your family frictions when giving.

7. Out of the limelight. Sometimes, to try to counteract nervousness, it is common for one to talk, talk and talk. Be in the limelight! All eyes will be on you. It is important not to want to monopolize in the field. Learn to listen, give preference to the talks of elders and know when to talk about you.

8. Strategic plan. The time comes when your husband has to leave to answer a call or go to the bathroom. You stay alone! What to do? Staying on Facebook or Twitter will not be a good impression of coexistence. Surely there will be children playing near you. You can approach them to enter their talk, they are easy, free of masks and judgments. They will be excited to talk about Santa Claus and very happy to have someone tell them a story or help them look for the sleigh in the sky. This type of children's coexistence will be a great way to demonstrate your interest in integration with your family.

9. Take care of your clothes. Christmas dress can not be anything, it must be a mixture between something conservative and fashion. You have to look good! Automatically you will feel confidence and security to enter the Christmas mood.Try especially to avoid pronounced necklines or very short skirts.

10. Waters with alcohol. A glass of wine will help you relax and not feel alien to the environment. It is likely that you are submerged in a sway of emotions that will make you more susceptible to it rising faster. Your worst scenario: get drunk! That your speech becomes little understandable, drag the mouth, difficulty in your motor coordination will make Christmas a complete disaster. Be in control of the situation!

11. Secret signal. The fact that your family sees a gesture, grimace or pinch under the table to your partner as a sign that you want to leave will be less in your favor. Agree with your boy before arriving at lunch or dinner that at the moment you want to retire you will make a subtle sign (scratch a part of your face, touch your hair, etc) He will be the one who says loudly "it's already late we retire, thank you very much. " In this way before your eyes you will not be the unfriendly who did not want to stay longer.

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