Seafood for softer and radiant skin

Currently a lot of money is invested by companies cosmetic to develop new treatments for the rejuvenation of the skin . Expense that is significant for people who want to acquire them.

However there is a closer and simpler alternative, it all comes down to lifestyle. The things that can beautify the skin are very similar to what is done to strengthen the heart , control your weight and stay on good humor , which have important benefits.

In this sense, most of us have heard that a diet based on fish and seafood , as the Mediterranean diet , it can be really good for the health in general.

This type of diet can do wonders for the skin , especially oysters and fatty fish such as salmon, due to primary nutrients such as zinc and the omega 3 fatty acid .

The increase in intake of this fatty acid can reduce the dryness and inflammation that cause premature aging. Research shows that lack of it can contribute to inflammatory disorders such as eczema and the psoriasis . In addition, the Omega 3 helps maintain healthy heart arteries and improves circulation, which is crucial to the health of the skin .

For its part, thezinc can help fight acne, as it is involved in the metabolism of the testosterone , which affects the production of an oily substance that causes sebum, the main cause of this condition.

The zinc it also helps the new cell of production and detachment from that of the skin dead, so it gives a nice glow.

For the above, instead of spending a lot of money on chemical treatments to have a skin cleaner and brighter, it is recommended that you naturally benefit your entire body with a diet rich in fish and seafood, accompanied by citrus and green and red vegetables. And you, how many artificial treatments do you have for skin ?

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