Stress triggers vertigo

The Vertigo is a balance disorder that is characterized by the sensation of dizziness . Patients suffering from this disorder feel that things revolve around them, and the stress It is your main detonator.

The Otolaryngologist María Angélica Torres Ornelas , of the Mexican Social Security Institute suggests that the dizziness it lasts for minutes, on the contrary, vertigo is a symptom that lasts for days and makes it impossible for the person to move even in short distances such as going to the bathroom, kitchen, etc.

The 40% of people who come to consult with the otolaryngologist is due to this condition.

Although the Vertigo may be the result of infectious diseases in the ear or due to problems of hypertension . Currently, most cases occur due to stress , especially in women between 20 and 50 years of age.

Labor, family and economic problems are the big detonators of stress and this in turn triggers the vertigo. In the presence of Vertigo , the medical attention is fundamental to determine its origin and consequently the treatment to follow.

The specialist mentions that although the disorder is curable under medical treatment and a series of exercises , the patient must learn to control the stress in your daily life, otherwise the Vertigo it will appear repeatedly.

Faced with this social reality, it is increasingly important to find ways to manage the stress . Activities such as exercise , feeding and respecting the hours of sleep are some very helpful tips that allow you to relax and prevent Vertigo .

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