30% of pets live with a smoker

The dogs , cats , birds and others domestic animals may suffer respiratory infections , lung inflammation Y asthma , caused by the cigar smoke .

Investigations of the Tufts University and the University of Massachusetts found that pets live and live with one or more smokers at home, can develop lymphomas .

Their studies indicate that if a cat has lived with a smoker for more than five years, the possibilities are tripled; and if it's two years, the risk of the pet having Cancer it quadruples and so on.

In this regard, InterAmerican Heart Foundation (FIA) notes that the nicotine found in the tobacco It is highly toxic when inhaled, so dogs and cats that inhale cigarette smoke will suffer weakness, uncontrolled muscle movements and a collapse that causes death.

We must remember that pets are part of the family and it is up to us to give them the proper care, since they, like humans, are affected by the smoke of the cigar ; you have to avoid risks to your health.

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