5 children's activities to burn fat

Do you remember how much fun you had with the children's activities that you did a few years ago? It's time for you to recover them, because they will help you keep your body toned and burn grease !

Many times people stop going to the gym because they are very tedious or heavy, because they see it as an obligation, rather than a taste; However, there are some children's activities that will remind you of your childhood and help you to lose weight , like the following:

Jump the rope: You can do this child activity at the time you choose. You should only carry in your bag the rope that will facilitate the burning of grease . When making this exercise for 10 minutes you can eliminate up to 100 calories of your body, as well as strengthening your shoulders, arms, chest and legs.

The hula hula : The first lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is a great defender of this hoop, since it is a very fun physical activity. It is a large burner grease bodily. To be encouraged, the following video shows how to rotate it:

Swings: These games that you find in any park help you strengthen your arms and muscles abdominals, according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine .

Ice skating: It is one of the favorite sports in winter; However, there are many places where you can practice at any time of the year. With this child activity you can burn up to 500 calories per hour. In addition, it helps to improve your posture and body balance.

Airplane: To carry out this activity you have to paint on the floor a series of pictures that simulate the shape of an airplane. In each table there is a numbering, which you must follow at a brisk pace. This game is very effective to burn grease , because it simulates a routine of exercises plyometrics .

No matter what children's activity you do, you just have to do it with pleasure and with a lot of desire to have fun. Also, it is best to practice them with someone you like. So do not hesitate and come back for a moment to your childhood!

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