Pregnancy involves many changes in a woman's body, not only during pregnancy, but after giving birth. The vagina is one of the areas, whose appearance is altered ...



This is because the levels of estrogen they increase during pregnancy, decrease after childbirth and during lactation, and return to normal levels at the end of this postpartum period. However, these levels are abruptly altered and give rise to vaginal dryness . The latter causes pain, especially when having sex.



During natural childbirth, the vagina should stretch enough so that the baby can leave and this causes loss of muscle tone and vaginal elasticity.


Urinary incontinence

It occurs especially in those cases where the delivery is poorly attended (for example, using forceps to remove the baby), as it can cause damage to the muscles of the vulva and vagina, as well as in the ligaments that support the organs. Pelvic Consequently, women suffer from urinary incontinence.



Change of tone

Your vulva can change color due to hormonal changes. But do not get overwhelmed, as the days go by and when the hormonal levels are balanced, it will recover its natural tone.

Quiet, little by little your vagina will recover and, even if there are traces of some of the changes, they will be less visible. Cheer up!


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