Do not wait more!

Makeup, sweat, hair, pollen and even traces of fecal matter can live in your bed. To get rid of all this you do not need to do a titanic work or climb Everest, you just needwash the sheets .

A survey by YouGov reveals that 44% of women wash them once a month and the rest do so after two months.

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Do not wait more!

Experts recommend wash the sheets once a week.

There are very small insects, such as mites that often make your bed your ideal home to multiply. An investigation by the University of Kingston (England) warns that a bed houses up to 1.5 million of them.

Mites are responsible for some allergies such as nasal packing, discharge, sneezing and itching (rhinitis) as well as more serious problems such as asthma.

Likewise; there are certain insects that we do not detect with the naked eye, but they can seriously damage our skin; For example: bedbugs, fleas or lice, which can multiply easily if we do not clean the sheets frequently.