Depression is prevented with bicycle use

The bike It benefits the human being in many aspects, especially in the holiday season, because, in addition to being an excellent transport, it serves for exercise or for a quiet walk with the family.

The use of the bicycle helps to maintain an optimal physical condition; In addition, it improves health by decreasing back pain, diseases cardiovascular, the overweight and power the immune system .

Another of its benefits is the oxygenation of brain , so that you can think more easily, you reduce the risk of suffering depression Y diseases psychological

Choose the right bike!

From two years to date, the traditional mountain and mountain bicycles have given way to the so-called urban bicycle, ideal for personal transport any city of iron. Before buying or giving away one, it would be worthwhile to see the different options depending on the needs.

"The first thing to do before buying a bicycle is to think about where you are going to use it or what you are going to use it for," he explained. Carlos Uriegas , director of Roda Moda , who next to Liliana Munguía are owners of the company dedicated to the sale of bicycles and that covers the whole country.

"If it is to be transported in the city, if it is to walk on weekends or if it is to do exercise . From the need you can look for the bicycle. There are urban, hybrid bikes, which are a mixture of mountain and urban, and road and tourism, "said Carlos Uriegas.

According to information published by , for someone who will just start in the world of cycling , it is recommended the use of a basic urban bicycle, which is comfortable and simple, and that allows to start with the exercise .

If you are a person who likes to do a lot exercise , the road or mountain bikes are ideal.

"Now you can choose the painting as a matter of taste and comfort, until you choose the type of paths you walk in. You can put baskets, panniers, parking accessories, in short, there is a whole culture that grows around the bicycle very strong" , said Uriegas.

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