5 benefits of physical warm-up

This serves to "literally" warm the body to the sport activity what is going to be done Warming up offers you many benefits, including:

1. Relax your muscles so you do not feel tense 2. Elevate your heart rate correctly 3. Accelerate nerve impulses, improving reflexes 4. Send oxygenated blood to muscles 5. Increase flexibility and the mobility of joints , which reduces the risk of suffering injuries

In an interview with Arli Lifshit , instructor of Jazzercise, notes that the warming should last 10 to 20 minutes: "It should be strong enough to raise the heart rate and prepare the muscles that will be used during the activity."

Here is an example of how you can do it, without forgetting that the heating previous and the stretching, At the end of your sports routine, it is essential to improve your quality of life and take care of your muscles and joints:

The key to having a healthy lifestyle is to perform exercises according to your physical condition and go with experts who put routines that allow you to see and feel better. Is warm-up and stretching part of your exercise routine? Are you aware that your joints are at risk?

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