10 keys not to abandon the exercise

Everyone seems to have the decision and the intention; However, few manage to achieve their purpose of exercising, but at least half of it does all year round. It starts with enthusiasm, but the physical activity Quickly, why is this happening? The reasons can be diverse, although the result is the same.

Thus, Getqoralhealth.com offers you 10 tips that will help you continue the physical activity of your choice during the 365 days of the year.

1. Look for someone's support. It is much more difficult to make excuses not to go to the gym if there is someone waiting for you there.

2. Find an exercise that you enjoy or have fun. If you are not one of those who enjoys spending hours in the gym, you may enjoy going for a walk to the park, playing a team sport or enrolling in a dance class.

3. Set realistic goals. Having a body of supermodel for the next month or running a marathon a fortnight, probably not goals that you can really achieve. Put your feet on the ground and be objective.

4. Monitor your progress . Mark on a calendar the days you have exercised is enough to serve as a visual motivator and keep exercising.

5. Think of the benefits. While you exercise or when tiredness or laziness want to win you think how it will help you to be in shape.

6. Do not compare yourself to others. While doing your routine, forget others and focus on yourself.

7. Learn. Look for serious information in sports magazines or websites about fitness and physical activity. Learn about the benefits of different routines.

8. Eat healthy and get enough sleep. One of the motivations for continuing to exercise is the fact that one feels better. It is important to establish vital habits for sleep and healthy eating, so you will feel fresher throughout the day.

9. Develop a "fitness" lifestyle and mentality. Choose to go up the stairs, go by bicycle to your work, or walk to the super.

10. Reward yourself. Did you meet your goal of going for a run at least 4 times each week? Give yourself a prize You deserve it. Make sure that the prize is not a huge chocolate cake, but, perhaps, those jeans you dreamed or a visit to the spa.

The secret is to beat your body every day of the year.

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