Drinking too much green tea can harm your fertility

It is true that many medicinal plants bring benefits to our health, and can even be excellent allies for our beauty, the Green Tea, For example, it is one of the most recommended for its anti-aging and slimming effects. But, did you know that,Drinking too much green tea can harm your fertility?

According to a study published in The Journal of Functional Food, if we consume green tea excessively, we may suffer from fertility problems.

Although it sounds a bit strange, the study was applied to flies. A high dose of GTP (antioxidants contained in the Green Tea in large quantity).

After analyzing apply 10 milligrams of this substance to the fruit flies, it was found that they had a damage in their fertility.


Other data that was found is that the children of some flies that had been treated with the same antioxidants, were born smaller than other flies

Drinking too much green tea can harm your fertility , but nothing happens if you do it a couple of months a week.

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