Do you need a little more?

The distance between your clitoris and vagina , could be the key that you needed to achieve that "spectacular" orgasm. Why? If this space is less than or equal to 2.5 centimeters, it increases the chances of reaching the climax by means of the Penis stimulation

Although the psychologist and leader of the study, Kim Walen, affirms that women with a greater distance should not be discouraged. You can choose other alternatives ; example, Have your partner slide his or her tongue through the junction between the cordial and index finger. There is a direct connection to your genitals.


Do you need a little more?

Elsy Reyes , through his series The bedroom, offers some suggestions to achieve a remote orgasm. Click on the video and start enjoying!


Your body will thank you…

In agreement with the expert in reflexology, Pam Babbitt , There are others points that you can stimulate.

Quick shortcut

The door of origin. This point is located four fingers below the belly button. Click here, and you will notice how sexual desire increases.


Touching these points elevates sexual energy Slowly and gently rub the nipple between your thumb and index finger, gradually increasing the pressure.

If you are animated, and you want to surprise your partner try this touch: Rub the area between the scrotum and the anus. Through this caress you will notice that there is a kind of line, once you place it firmly pressed while you caress his penis.