1. Worry less and think of solutions

Have an adequate reaction to stress can be a useful tool to maintain your focus and capacity to advance in moments of uncertainty, affirms Peter Bregman , leadership coaching and author of "Point B: A Short Guide to Leading a Big Change" .

"Of course it would be ideal if we all had reactions from stress that will take us to eat healthily, exercise or to meditate , but it's not like that. Almost always we react negatively and almost self-destructively, "Bregman adds in an article for the Harvard Business Review .

Getting the stress work in your favor is not impossible, and to get it you share the following tips. Remember that constancy and Will They are very powerful.


1. Worry less and think of solutions

The concern is the process of imagining results painful and it is not very useful. Better focus on finding potential solutions to what stresses you, using the stress as inspiration, he says Matthew McKay coauthor of "Cognitive techniques for stress management" .


2. Uses adrenaline

When you feel stress your brain releases chemical substances, such as adrenalin , that prepare you for the flight. You can take advantage of it if you identify your physical responses, calm them thinking that they are normal and then use the energy generated by that substance to carry out your activities.


To achieve this: Take a deep breath, count to four and exhale, counting from four to zero, repeat the cycle five times. Once you are calm, ask your body and heart what they need, "he explains. Eva Selhub professor of medicine Harvard Medical School .


3. Be nice to you

Selhub says that you should not only "listen to your body", but you should do it with love, as if you were trying to find out why a child cries, so you can take decisions that nurture you instead of hurting you The self-pity It helps improve your quality of life in general.


4. Stimulate your mind

Doug Saunders , professor of University of Toronto , suggests using a strategy he calls "creating islands of peace": choose an activity that you enjoy and exercise your brain in such a way that time passes almost without you noticing. When your mind is relaxed it tends to be more creative.


5. Get inspired

All your stressful moments have given you experiences, so when you feel upset evokes memories of how you managed to overcome it before, it indicates Robert Maunder , psychiatrist Mount Sinai Hospital . Doing so will help you solve the problem faster and give you points at work.


6. Socialize

The stress It can help you have more friends. If you get up from your seat in the office and talk to a partner that you like very well, your brain will release dopamine , happiness hormone. In this way you will not only lower the negative feeling, but you will be more sociable.


7. Love yourself and spend time with you

Not everything in the stress It has to be bad, think that if you feel bad you can choose to do something that calms your body, like sleep , go to a relaxation center or just spend time meditating. This has benefits for your health and beauty.

Although we all have stressful times, learn to manage the stress in your favor can help reduce the risk of suffering a heart attack or develop diseases such as diabetes type 2 and obesity, indicates the National Institutes of Health

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