Coaching to achieve your personal goals

Whether in the workplace, family, school or emotional, we all have personal goals that allow us to channel and direct our efforts and energies to a specific goal; However, how easy is it to sound and what can be done to achieve them? Coaching could be the answer.

According to psychologist Pablo Verde , coaching is a discipline that consists of obtaining results, helping people to understand their way of generating or facing problems. This through the definition of what they want, the elimination of obstacles and the establishment of goals.

There are many categories of coaching, where emotions are involved, but Life Coaching or also called Personal Coaching, is what allows individuals to plan and achieve personal goals, as well as the realization in personal relationships and life family.

The type of approach that the coach can apply to the patient depends on the school, specialty or line of coaching with which he is most identified.

For Pablo Verde, the most ideal to achieve personal goals is the Ontological, which is one of the most used in Latin America. He focuses his study on the "way of being" of the person, emphasizing the dynamics of language, emotions and physiology of it.

According to the expert, coaching has a direct application in daily life, looking for action plans in a personalized way, that adapt to your own rhythm, priorities, strengths and weaknesses. How does it influence your daily life?

1. Create awareness and responsibility

2. Eliminate the interference that limits your performance.

3.  It allows you to find or rediscover your personal values.

4. It helps you discover your vision of life and purpose in it.

5. Increase self-esteem.

Coaching, is an English term "coach" that comes from the Hungarian word meaning "car", but it is until the year of 1830 in the Oxford University, when it began to be used in slang for a tutor who "leads" students through an exam.

This discipline can help you achieve your personal goals in any field. Try it!

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