Be careful with your preparation!

The amount caloric that a diet must depend directly on the age, activities, gender and nutritional and protein needs that the person who needs it needs. However, foods like vegetables should be part of it, But can these be eaten raw?


Fresh fruits and vegetables can become contaminated after they have been harvested; example, during its preparation and storage. This can cause diseases called poisoning for food, "says the Food and Drog Administration.


Be careful with your preparation!

Either for its flavor or for comfort, in many occasions it is decided to consume the food in a raw state. However, some of them can be dangerous.

1 tomato. A study published in the magazine Neurology states that men who have a high consumption of lycopene (present in tomato) have 55% less risk of suffering from brain attacks . However, this compound is more abundant when the tomato is cooked.

2. Mushrooms They contain a hydrazine compound (agaritin) that is a carcinogen. The compound can be removed by cooking. Agaritin is found in fresh mushrooms at a level of approximately 228 micrograms per gram of wet weight.

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