Attributes that you should look for in a man

Not only should you look at a person's physique to investigate if you like it, there are others attributes that will help you choose the love of your life, remember that we are all different.

I am shocked by the women who say that "all men are equal" or that "they are all cut out with the same scissors". I have never liked generalizations and I feel that we should have the ability to recognize a great man by their attributes, and for me, are these:

1. That makes you laugh

This is basic. A great man will always have the ability to make you laugh, especially at times when you need it most. I could not imagine a life next to a man that does not take away even a smile.

2. That I look you in the eyes

A look is worth more than a thousand words and that the man next to you sees you deeply in the eyes, is something that you really must value. When he does he is trying to see beyond you, see your soul, know you much more.

3. To behave like your best friend

I have always thought that your boyfriend should be your best friend first. It should make you feel that complicity that friends have and should give you the confidence to be able to tell them everything.

4. That motivates you and supports you in your decisions

You need a partner at your side who can motivate you in what you like, give you that hand so you can move on. It is a great attribute that supports you in the decisions you make, and of course it is also that person who helps you to see beyond what you see, that is your cable to ground.

5. That makes you feel the most beautiful woman in the world

Let's be honest, women by nature are vain and we like to get ready, so that the man we are with tells us that we are beautiful, that we have an amazing dress or that we have the most beautiful eyes ... it is something that can melt us ! As long as I say it with my heart, because I really think so.

6. Be a dreamer

Who does not want a man who dreams with you? That man he will never stop giving the best of him so that your life will be better and together they can fulfill many of his dreams.

7. That makes you feel safe

Many say that when we look for a man we do it thinking of our parents, of that father figure that we would like our husband to have, and that means that we feel safe while we are with him and to think that nothing bad can happen to us at his side.

8. That makes you feel that you are their complement, not their need

There is a big difference between love and need. A man should not be with a woman out of necessity, but because he really thinks that she is his complement. That's why I'm so against couples saying "I need you", nobody needs anyone and everyone can live without someone.

9. Express your feelings and show them to you

That in addition to showing you with details and acts that loves you, also take the time to tell you that he loves you, that he is happy to be with you and can give you hundreds of smiles. That has a balance between what he does and what he says.

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