7 keys to reach your goals

What do I do with my life? Consciously or unconsciously all human beings possess goals and objectives , whether they are short or medium term, that drive their actions; However, the problem arises when reaching them becomes almost impossible. At least that is the way it is perceived on more than one occasion.

To avoid falling into despair or pessimism, there are keys that can help you achieve your goals and GetQoralHealth and the psychologist Sara Dulché, they present the following video with some of them:

If you still do not feel safe GetQoralHealth offers you the following keys:

1. Serenity It consists in taking the processes with calm, understanding that to achieve that the expectations are fulfilled, it requires time and constancy.

2. Accept your responsibility. To be successful it is necessary to recognize that a large part of what happens to you is the result of your decisions and behaviors.

3. Share your goal with someone important to you. Doing it helps you to commit and gives you the opportunity to have someone to help you when you need it; example, when you want to express a difficulty or confusion.

4. Perform a daily action. Even when the goal is long-term, every day you can do something about it.

5. Do not be discouraged. Place the negative thoughts out of your mind as soon as you realize them. Change a "I can never" for a "I'll make it."

6. Analyze your situation. You need to know what your starting point is to know where to go and how to do it.

7. Immediate actions. Start today, keep in mind that everything has a beginning so start working to start your projects.

Remember, all changes start from just one person: you. Trust in you and love yourself.

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Video Medicine: How to Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals | Stephen Duneier | TEDxTucson (June 2024).