Vitamin A fights measles

The Vitamin A it is essential for organism , since it helps with the training and maintenance of teeth, soft tissues Y bones ; as well as the normal functioning of vision and immune systems. However, another benefit has been found: the reduction of child mortality.

According to researchers from the universities of Oxford Y Aga Khan from Pakistan , the deficiency of this nutrient increases the vulnerability to a series of conditions as the diarrhea , the measles , the malaria and the respiratory diseases .

With the consumption of this supplement could save up to 600 thousand lives a year and prevent millions of sufferings serious problems in poor countries, said Dr. Evan Mayo Wilson, Department of Social Policy and Intervention of the University of Oxford.

The results of a study conducted on a group of minors who were given the Vitamin A , published in the British Medical Journal, showed that it must be taken by all infants who present a deficiency of nutrient . After only one year, children who had taken the supplement were less likely to die.


What is vitamin A?

Is a nutrient found in vegetables , food of animal origin and in fruits, for example: sweet potato, carrot, pumpkin, eggs, milk, liver, kidney, oranges, among others.

In the following video, Dr. Cormillot explains the benefits of Vitamin A , such as: good vision, cell development, etc.

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO), 190 million children under five do not receive enough Vitamin A to stay healthy.

Go ahead and include this vitamin in your diet!