How to overcome a love break

The pain to end a relationship is enormous. Illusions are broken, the future project. They face expectations to reality. We are, once again, alone with ourselves and also with a series of questions, some regrets, a lot of fear. It is not an easy task from any point of view.

However, all this affects our physical and mental health. Remember that all experience is momentary. Nothing is forever. Therefore, we give you some tips to face the "best way" this period.

What can help us?

1. Be realistic: If the relationship ends it is because there was no more to exchange. Each couple has a lesson to teach us about ourselves and once the lesson has been given the relationship ends. Being foolish and insisting on prolonging something that no longer has strength will only lead us to very dangerous states of humiliation.

2. Reflect on your own self-deception. Recognize where and how we were before deciding to start the relationship.

3. Cry all you can and talk to who they love and listen to you. Tears make the process of duel continue and do not interrupt. Tears clean the wound. Desahógate.

4. Appreciate everything you do have. Even when things have been lost you still have others. Those that you had before the relationship and that have remained: your family, your health, your work. All that world that you have and that is there for you.

5. Take the time you gave your partner in activities that you like a lot: Learn something new, do exercise , read. Any activity that improves you as a human being.

6. Develop more confidence in the destination, in life. The things that happen and that we can not control are the biggest lessons of our life.

7. Thanks to life and to that couple for what they have experienced. Mentally thank him and let him go.

Remember that the duel It is different in each person. It is necessary that you forgive and forgive him. Everything happens for a reason. Renew yourself Be better and learn from the experiences, not to make the mistakes of the past. Be happy!

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