Drug attacks type 2 diabetes and cholesterol simultaneously

A new drug designed to improve the levels of cholesterol "good", could also help control the type 2 diabetes , say scientists.

According to the portal BBC World , the finding of Heart Research Institute in Sydney, Australia, was done while experts reviewed data from clinical trials of a drug called Torcetrapib, which were suspended five years ago (2006), because it was found that the combination of this medicine and another to reduce the cholesterol It caused adverse events in patients.

The Torcetrapib belongs to a type of drug called an inhibitor of CETP (esterified cholesterol transfer protein), designed to increase lipoprotein levels high density (HDL), or good cholesterol .

Maintain high levels of cholesterol Good is important because it has a protective effect against the hardening of the arteries that causes bad cholesterol.

As the type 2 diabetes the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases, including heart attack , stroke and other disorders, many of these patients use drugs called statins, drugs designed to reduce low-density lipoprotein (LCL) or bad cholesterol and have been shown to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disorders .

The research, published in Circulation (Journal of the American Heart Association), analyzed the effects of the drug in 6,661 patients with type 2 diabetes .

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