5 tips for not gaining weight

after one diet You must maintain the acquired eating habits to avoid the annoying bounce and increase the kilos that with much effort you managed to lower. One of the motivations for not going up weight it is the reflection that you observe in the mirror and in your new quality of life.

In accordance with The Huffington Post , you must follow some steps so as not to go up weight as the practice of exercise and eat healthier foods, as well as the following tips that we give you below:

1.- Increase the portions: It is valid that you consume in good quantity the foods that are free from calories , since these are rich in water, fiber and low in fat, which will help your metabolism work properly

2. Limit liquid calories: Reduces the intake of sweetened beverages (flavor water, juices, sports drinks and alcohol). With this you will avoid the annoying llantita or the appearance of some diseases .

3.- Surround yourself with a healthy environment: Eat in small plates, so that the food rations are moderate. Buy tall and thin glasses, so that you stay hydrated. Keep foods rich in grease Away from your pantry and refrigerator, you can switch to the light versions.

4.- Have fun when exercising: Forget negative thoughts about the gym or the physical activity , better look for an alternative that you like and enjoy not to gain weight. By doing 30 minutes a day of exercise cardiovascular you will burn the calories and the grease which accumulates every day. You can even carry out activities in your life such as going up and down stairs or walking to work.

5.- Enjoy your new habits: When you follow a diet so that you do not gain weight by conviction, it will not cost you any work and you will do it with pleasure, so you will not sin more than you should.

In addition, the weekly menu planning can sometimes work. So you can buy in a single day the things that you will use to cook the rest of the week and thus you will avoid the cravings. And you, are you ready to not gain weight?  

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