The most dangerous

Annually 9.4 million people die in the world hypertension , the main disease derived from the excessive consumption of Salt . To prevent it, you must start with avoiding diet food and drinks with more sodium .

When salt intake is reduced, hypertension begins to diminish after a few days, the intake of sodium daily must be less than 2300mg , affirm the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) .

Learn more about hypertension at the hands of Joel Estrada , cardiologist, in the following video .


The most dangerous

So that the limits, we present you the drinks with more sodium , according to Texas A & M University .

1. Energy drinks. 240ml (140mg)

2. Cow's milk. 244ml (122mg)

2. Mineral water. 240ml (42mg)

3. Domestic white wine 240ml (38mg)

4. Regular refreshment. 240ml (32mg)

5. Sherry 240ml (28mg)

6. Domestic red wine. 240ml (24mg)

7. Light refreshment. 240ml (21mg)

8. Beer. 240ml (17mg)

10. Nectar juice. 249ml (10mg)

When you eat high foods in fiber , such as whole grains, rice and legumes, reduce levels of sodium in your blood quickly and safely, indicates the Cleveland Clinic .

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