Internet impacts brain function

In a recent publication, the psychologist Daniel Wegner of the Harvard University , suggests that the Internet impacts the brain function , especially the mechanisms that are activated when an information search is carried out.

The study consisted of asking a group of volunteers to answer a series of questions, some simple and some complicated, using a system of colors that indicated whether the person to answer had thought of the first option in the Web .

The importance of this evidence is that it demonstrates a remarkable change in the practices with which the human being is related to individual and collective information.

The experiment of Wegner also suggests some expansion of the mind as maybe it had not been for a long time.

When a person is browsing the network, they are linked to a vast mind apiary, known in psychology as a system transactional memory , which allows access to the collective knowledge of anyone and everyone.

Despite the great discovery, it is feared that as a consequence of this super-connected society, people will become stupid and helpless without a technological device. And you, how long are you connected?

Video Medicine: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains (December 2022).