5 practical tips

Many times we think that to improve our diet it is necessary to make drastic changes in our lifestyle, but today, with the help of Diana Castellanos we give you tips to improve your diet in a simple way.


5 practical tips

Monday without meat. That's right, say goodbye to any product of animal origin for only one day, your body will thank you and if you are inflamed or inflamed you will see how this symptom decreases.

Tuesday without dairy. Per day give your body a rest of milks, cheeses and creams. If you do, you can discover if they inflame you or make you feel bad.

Green Wednesday For a day choose only green vegetables.

Thursday of infusions. Everything you drink for this day should be infusions, be it green tea, red tea or black tea. Also, he prefers drinks added with frozen fruits and herbs such as mint, basil or mint.

Friday without industrialists. Give up everything that comes from a package is not as difficult as it seems, for a day choose 100% natural products, without preservatives, sugar or salt added. You will retain less fluids and your body will have a respite.

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